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QLD Restricted Building Program – Structural Landscaping

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission recognises the Restricted Licence Programs offered by Back to Basics as being suitable for a Builder Restricted licence application.

CPCCBC4002A Manage occupational health and safety in the building and construction workplace
CPCCBC4003A Select and prepare a construction contract
CPCCBC4004A Identify and produce estimated costs for building and construction projects
CPCCBC4006B Select, procure and store construction materials for low rise Projects
CPCCBC4007A Plan building or construction work
CPCCBC4008B Conduct on-site supervision of building and construction projects
CPCCBC4009B Apply legal requirements to building and construction projects
CPCCBC4012A Read and interpret plans and specifications
BSBSMB406A Manage small business finances

To gain your Restricted Building Program – Structural Landscaping Qualification contact one of our friendly team members on 1300 855 713 today.