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The Latest on Non-Compliant Building Products in Australia

July 12, 2017 0 Comments

The Building Products Innovation Council (BPIC) says the Australian policy makers are not taking action with regards to non-compliant building products, despite the Lacrosse fire incident three years ago, and more recently, the fire in London’s Grenfell Tower. This urged the group to complain about the government’s passive approach to stop dangerous and non-compliant building products being used in construction projects throughout Australia.

“For years prior to, and ever since the Lacrosse Tower fire, BPIC and the building industry has been voicing serious concerns about non-conforming building materials and building non-compliance generally,” the council stated.

BPIC believes it would take months of proper investigation to determine the exact cause of the fire. However, the group said it was evident that the external cladding made the fire spread rapidly across the Grenfell Tower; the same is the case with the Lacrosse Tower fire.

The group takes particular exception to the process regarding the Senate Inquiry into Non-conforming Building Projects, which has been going on for two years now.

The emphasis of the inquiry has changed from general investigation to focusing on asbestos contamination, and now on flammable cladding. This is already the second amendment to the inquiry since it began in 2015.

Need to Audit Building Materials

Where are your building products and materials coming from? Are they compliant with safety codes?

In addition, BPIC also critisises the government over reactions in respect of calls for cladding audits around the country. The Victoria Building Authority has already conducted a cladding audit, as well as the NSW Department of Planning and Environment. However, the group trusts that cladding audits would only reveal what the people already know and would ignore the situation on con-compliance in building projects.

BPIC would like to see a massive audit of all building non-compliance throughout each jurisdiction. They want to see easier ways to allow the persecution of those who use dangerous and non-conforming building products.

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