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Qld Site Supervisor Builder Medium Rise Licence

October 30, 2017 0 Comments

What can you do with a QLD Site Supervisor Builder medium rise licence?

Stand-alone Residential Dwelling

Looking to become a Building Consultant, Contract Administrator or Site Supervisor?

The QLD Site Supervisor Builder medium rise licence is a mandatory, government-recognised qualification that is necessary for any builder wishing to supervise medium rise building projects in Queensland. To be eligible for this licence, applicants must already have a level of qualification relating to technical building knowledge and have completed a program that includes an assessment of the competency levels needed, as set out by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

A QLD Site Supervisor Builder medium rise licence confirms that a builder is able to complete a range of tasks relating to medium rise construction projects. While some elements of the qualification, such as fostering a complete awareness of the Building Code of Australia (BCA), are to be expected of any applicant for the licence prior to beginning the course, some parts of the medium rise licence qualification include specialist knowledge that can only be gained from undertaking the course. Listed below is a simplified version of the skills and areas a builder with this license will have been approved to perform:

  • They will be able to apply building codes and standards to ensure that the building process meets the necessary specifications.
  • They will be able to choose contractors and builders based upon set specifications to make sure the right people are being chosen for the job.
  • Application of quality standards assessment for building and construction materials and the supervision of material delivery to ensure they are of the expected standard.
  • Carrying out site surveys and procedures on the building sites for medium rise projects.
  • An ability to manage a thorough inclusion of OHS risk assessment principles in keeping with recognised health and safety laws.
  • They will be able to manage construction work on the sites they supervise, assuring that jobs are completed in good time and in keeping with the required safety procedures.
  • They will consider environmental management practices in the building work they carry out to help contribute to the evolution of construction as an environmentally sustainable industry.
  • Applying an awareness of structural principles when planning for the construction of medium-rise projects.
  • Preparing an evaluation and costing document for completed projects.
  • The thorough inclusion of OHS risk assessment principles in keeping with recognised health and safety laws.

Here is an overview of the types of building projects a QLD Site Supervisor Builder medium rise licence allows a builder to be involved with:

  • single dwelling
  • terrace houses
  • town houses
  • guest houses / hostels
  • building containing 2 or more sole-occupancy units (each being a separate dwelling)
  • residential part of a hotel, motel, school or detention centre
  • office building used for professional or commercial purposes
  • shop or other building for the sale of goods by retail or the supply of services
  • cafés / restaurants / kiosk
  • service station
  • car park building
  • storage facility
  • laboratory / health care building / aged care building
  • public building
  • trade workshops
  • non-habitable building or structure
  • private garage / carport / shed
  • fence / retaining or free standing wall
  • private bushfire shelter

As is evident from the fundamental components of the qualification as listed above, the QLD Site Supervisor Builder medium rise licence requires complete competency in every aspect of the medium rise building construction process. Builders are trained to ensure that both the physical and numerical aspects of their skill sets are accounted for and that they are able to access the materials they need to become professional and proficient site supervisors. The QLD Site Supervisor Builder medium rise licence allows builders to progress their careers in a number of directions, allowing them to become building consultants, contract administrators and site supervisors.

For more information on this certification please visit:
Qld Site Supervisor Builder medium rise licence

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