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Plumbing Installations are Failing Audit Tests

June 16, 2017 0 Comments

According to the Victorian Building Authority (building industry regulator in Victoria), more than one in five plumbing installations (in VIC) failed to comply with the required standards based on the audit test last April. 🙁

Plumbing AuditsResults of the audit test show that 212 (20.54%) of the work associated with 1,032 Compliance Certificates conducted throughout the month of April fell short of the required standards.

The regulator reveals that the most common problems occurred in the areas of:

  • excessive heating of hot water in showers and bathroom taps
  • inadequate clearances for domestic gas cooking devices
  • inadequate overflow provision to eaves gutters

More Details on the Plumbing Jobs that Failed the Audits:

The most common problem associated with inadequate clearance for domestic gas cooking devices related to the space between the highest part of the highest burner and overhead combustible surfaces.

The issue with excessive heating of hot water was that the water delivered was about 50 degree Celsius at the outlet of the fixtures used for personal hygiene such as showers. It was advised that temperature control devices must be installed upon any alteration of hot water heaters and associated pipework.

The audit tests were carried out as part of an ongoing compliance program conducted by the Victorian Building Authority in order to identify installation problems and raise the bar on construction projects in Victoria. As advised by the VBA, practitioners should consult relevant standards and regulations and technical solutions sheets available for the type of work being performed.

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