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Grenfell Tower Fire Raises Building Cladding Issues

July 3, 2017 0 Comments

Following the Grenfell tower fire in London, investigations into possible building cladding issues in Australia have become a necessity.

Apartment Building FireThe Grenfell tower fire incident was a terrible tragedy leaving many residents dead. Investigators suspected the newly installed cladding on the building’s exterior, where flames rapidly spread.

The Senate Economics Committee chair and Labor senator, Chris Ketter, said the Grenfell Tower blaze was a reminder that Parliament has a responsibility to prevent a similar disaster from happening here in Australia. The main concern was that some building projects used cladding which were not meant to be used for high-rise buildings.

“I’m very concerned by the lack of progress in this area. We do have a patchwork of regulations in this country… so there’s always a possibility that something slips through the cracks,” Senator Ketter said. “I’m hoping we can have an inquiry to get to the bottom of this.”

Senator Ketter then compared the Grenfell incident to the Lacrosse apartment building fire in Melbourne back in 2014. Firefighters revealed that flammable cladding started the fire.

There is a push for a national audit of buildings around the country.

Senator Nick Xenophon stated “The London tragedy is more than just a wake-up call. There are now no excuses for any government at a local, state or federal level not to do everything possible to ensure the safety of occupants and visitors to buildings.”

Industry Minister, Arthur Sinodinos, told the senate that Minister Malcom Turnbull would appeal to the premiers and chief ministers to urge them to ensure new buildings meet Australia’s safety standards and have all states and territories enforce compliance with the national construction code.

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