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Do You Comply with the Building Codes?

June 8, 2017 0 Comments

Australia’s biggest construction builders are facing challenges after being banned from being involved with any federal government-funded projects within 90 days. This is due to breaches of the new procurement rules. The Construction, Mining, Forestry, and Energy Union is refusing to renegotiate workplace agreements that do not comply with the new building code – and there are quite a few agreements being !

Union reacting to the Building CodesThe new building code brought in by Malcolm Turnbull is administered by the newly revived Australian Building and Construction Commission. It vetoes a list of union-friendly clauses in the workplace agreements including required consultations to the unions, restrictions on labour-hire staff, and requirements for non-working shop stewards.

These restrictions prevent employers from adopting such clauses, especially those who wish to work on lucrative construction contracts to build tunnels, bridges, and any other federal government funding projects.

Australian Building and Construction Commissioner, Nigel Hadgkiss, appeared before the Senate Committee to streamline the process of assessing whether these workplace agreements comply with the new building code. He mentioned that the agency is looking into 300 agreements every month, to: “enable us to meet industry demands for assessments, particularly those involved in tender processes”.

He also informed the committee that they had already contacted two huge contractors notifying them that their contracts breached the new code.

Following the new rules, builders can still win federal work until September without changing current non-compliant workplace agreements. However, beginning September 1, all builders need to have code-compliant enterprise agreements to be able to win Commonwealth contracts.

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