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Distance Learning

Distance Learning (aka Distance Education) is the best way to improve your skills, achieve a building qualification while maintaining your lifestyle.

Advantages of Distance Learning with Back to Basics:

  • No need to attend classes
  • No downtime for travelling to and from classes
  • You study when it suits you – choose your own hours
  • Programs designed purely for the Construction Industry
  • You receive full support from a dedicated Student Services Team Member
  • Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) assessment is available to all applicants.

Success by Distance Learning

Back to Basics have many students from the Construction Industry who have and are successfully completing studies through distance learning. If you are uncertain about how a Distance Learning Program works, then please call 1300 855 713 to find out how it can benefit you.

Self Paced Learning

Students learn at their own pace. If you haven’t been involved in any study for a while then that’s okay. Many of the students are undergoing formal study for the first time, or for the first time in a long time. A self paced program will help you build confidence and successful outcomes.

The Process

Once registered, you’ll receive the first module (which includes assignment details, etc.) along with information and contact numbers for the Student Support Team.

A Student Services Officer will give you a call to confirm you’ve received the module and answer any questions you may have regarding the material. The Student Services Officer will keep in contact with you on a regular basis in case you have any questions.

The Industry Experts

All of the Back to Basics Team are qualified presenters and have up to date hands on construction industry knowledge. Please know that you are encouraged to stay in touch with the team – and if your regular support officer is not available for any reason then there will always be highly qualified people who are happy to assist you.

The Assignments/Assessment Tasks

Most courses have an assignment/assessment task and a knowledge based questionnaire booklet containing small activities based on the content of the module text.

After completion simply forward this to Back to Basics to be marked by an assessor that has been allocated to your course program.

Rest assured all of your assignments are given a guarantee of confidentiality.

As the programs are competency based, you are given every opportunity and assistance to successfully complete your assignments. If an assessment does not meet the minimum requirements then you have the opportunity to resubmit the assessment, and will also receive feedback and support from the assessor to give you a pathway for improvement.

Unsuccessful Assessments

If you have not been successful with an assessment or assignment then you will have the opportunity to re-do it again with support. Should the results of the second assessment or assignment be unsuccessful then it is recommended that you attend a personal tutorial (further investment) prior to any further attempts to complete the assessment or assignment. Should you not successfully complete an assessment or assignment on the third attempt, it would then be compulsory to attend a designated tutorial on the subject matter (further investment).

Copies of Assessments

It is the policy of Back to Basics Business Training Pty Ltd that copies of any completed examination papers are not released. Your marked assessments or assignments will be returned to you for your reference.

You are able to request information on the areas that the assessor determines would need more study. Back to Basics would then respond in writing to your request, detailing the focal points that need attention.

Appeal Process

Each student has the right of appeal in any marking situation. Any appeal is to be made in writing to: The Manager, Back to Basics Business Training Pty Ltd.

The appeal is investigated and processed by The Manager. The principles stated under the policies for unsuccessful assessments may apply. If you are not satisfied with the results of the appeal, an independent assessor/mediator will reassess the process of the appeal. The decision of the independent assessor will be final.


When you have successfully completed all the modules in the program you will receive the full Qualification Certificate.


If at any time there is a problem (eg. sickness, family or life problems, or work constraints) and you have difficulty completing any part of your program as a result, then please contact your Student Services Officer at Back to Basics. Together you can discuss how the program can be adapted to assist you to complete the course through the difficult or challenging period.

Time Frames

The program requires a full commitment to achieve the final qualification. It should not be rushed, and the Back to Basics Team appreciate people’s desire to complete the program in the shortest possible time frame so they comply with licensing or business requirements. You have the Back to Basics Team’s full support to help you complete the program successfully and in a suitable time frame to meet your needs.

Please note that due to the constant and ongoing changes in the building and construction industry and our guarantee of up-to-date information, it is necessary to complete the full program within the nominated time frame. Alternatively, you are invited to attend refresher programs on those modules that may have changed after falling outside of the designated time frame.

Fees include – Registered Training Course, student support, program materials, assessment tasks and certificates.

For all pricing, registration and additional content information please call 1300 855 713 or leave a message on the contact page.