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Contract Administrators Needed

August 18, 2017 0 Comments
Contract Administration Has Grown

Contract Administrators are in Demand

According to feedback from recruitment agencies, there is a massive demand for Project Managers, Construction Managers, and Contract Administrators here in Australia following a boom in the home building sector (and the demand for residential dwellings) as well as various large Civil Construction projects.

And update on each state’s needs are as follows:

  • New South Wales – A call for Contract Administrators, Site Administrators and experienced forepersons due to a number of office, retail and residential projects along with some restoration projects on commercial establishments. The Civil Construction Market also has a lineup of projects coming into full swing including the Sydney Metro, Sydney Light Rail and Parramatta Light Rail.
  • Victoria – Needs are for Contract Administrators, Estimators and Project Managers as Victoria is proving stable with projects on commercial and residential buildings, as well as Aged Care and Education facilities. There is a significant amount of building projects proceeding in the north-west and south-east of Melbourne.
  • Queensland – QLD is looking for Estimators with a proven win rate and Contract Administrators with stable tenure in the commercial market. The domestic market remains strong with a good number of land releases. And the Gold Coast is moving forward with residential construction projects and the infrastructure needed to support the 2018 Commonwealth Games.
  • Western Australia – HVAC Site Supervisors with experience on $5 million projects and HVAC Project Managers with experience on $20 million projects are being sought. And Civil Construction is driving significant activity in Perth with highway extensions and airport links.
  • South Australia – Experienced Contract Administrators and Site Supervisors are needed for residential and commercial building projects in Adelaide, which are expected to gain profit from road upgrades in the coming years.
  • Australian Capital Territory – Project managers and Site Managers on medium to high-rise residential projects are in demand as are Contract Administrators, Civil Forepersons and Project Engineers. The building sector is strong in the ACT due to the $700 million light rail project and a host of other commercial and residential projects.
  • Tasmania – HVAC Technicians, Structural Building Trades (such as form carpentry and structural steel fabricators) are in need as Tasmania has become one of the busiest states for construction thanks to major residential and commercial projects, including the $2 billion refurbishment of Hobart Hospital and renovation of Parliament Square. They also have major supermarket construction projects, nursing homes in the North, road projects and the National Broadband Network being put in place.
  • Northern Territory – Job seekers with defence clearance are needed, especially client-side Project Managers.

Back to Basics offers training for the qualification necessary to perform the duties of a Contract Administrator. The qualification is the :

CPC40208 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Contract Administration).

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