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CPC40208 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Contract Administration)

CPC40208 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Contract Administration) is designed to meet the needs of contract administrators working in small to medium organisations. It will provide participants with the practical skills and knowledge required to process client requirements, read and interpret plans and specification and organise building approvals and applications. Participants will also learn about building codes and standards, contract law, sourcing and procuring resources for a construction project.

Australian Nationally Recognised TraininTo achieve the qualification CPC40208 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Contract Administration) there are 15 units of competency, comprising of 9 compulsory units and 6 elective units, which must be completed. The units offered by Back to Basics to complete the Qualification are:

Core Units

BSBOHS201A Participate in OHS processes
CPCCBC4003A Select and prepare a construction contract
CPCCBC4006B Select, procure and store construction materials for low rise projects
CPCCBC4012B Read and interpret plans and specifications
CPCCBC4016A Administer a construction contract
CPCCBC4026A Arrange building applications and approvals
CPCCBC4029B Apply construction information to the sales process
CPCCBC4031A Process client requirements
CPCCBC4032A Apply contract law to sales processes

Elective Units

BSBPMG407A Apply risk management techniques
BSBWRT401A Write complex documents
CPCCBC4001A Apply building codes and standards to the construction process for low rise building projects
CPCCBC4005A Produce labour and material schedules for ordering
CPCCBC4013A Prepare and evaluate tender documentation
CPCCBC4024A Resolve business disputes

Back to Basics clusters the required units of competencies into the following modules:

Module Name
Module 1 – Sales and Client Needs
Module 2 – Tendering and Procurement
Module 3 – Site Regulations, Codes and Approvals
Module 4 – Contract Selection and Administration

Job Roles
On successful completion of this course the participant will have the skills and knowledge required to perform the role of a Contract Administrator.

Employability Skills

Employability Skill Industry/Enterprise requirements for this qualification include:

  • Communication: that contributes to productive and harmonious relations across employees and customers
  • Teamwork: that contributes to productive working relationships and outcomes
  • Problem solving: that contributes to productive outcomes
  • Initiative and enterprise: that contributes to innovative outcomes
  • Planning and organising: that contributes to long and short-term strategic planning
  • Self management: that contributes to employee satisfaction and growth
  • Learning: That contributes to ongoing improvement and expansion in employee and company operations and outcomes
  • Technology: that contributes to the effective carrying out of tasks

All Back to Basics programs are delivered by distance learning, they are designed to suit the person who has not been involved in formal study for a long period of time. Adult education is our specialty and so is the Building and Construction Industry.

Students learn at their own pace and enjoy the full support of our Student Services. People who have not done any study for many years have found this method of learning builds confidence and successful outcomes.

You are assured of a full support base from our experienced personnel. Our trainers are available to assist participants via email, in writing or by telephone throughout the duration of the course.

Support Workshops
Back to Basics provides Support Workshops in major regional areas at regular intervals e.g. Quarterly.

Should you need further assistance other than those provided by our trainers via email, or telephone – we are able to register you in a workshop. The workshops are conducted as an appointment only session.

For example: Back to Basics will advise when a workshop is being conducted in your area, if you wish to take advantage of having a face to face meeting with a Tutor – contact Back to Basics and book an appointment. These sessions will provide you with 30 minutes of one on one time to clarify any queries – provide guidance and help you stay motivated.

How do you get started?

Register by calling Back to Basics on 1300 855 713 with your payment details (cheque, credit card or direct deposit).

Receive your first module text as soon as registration is processed, 5 – 7 working days from receipt of payment.

Walk through assessment booklet provided with the assistance of our student support service; this should take approximately 4 – 6 hours per week over a period of 4 – 6 weeks per module.

Complete your assessment booklet and forward to Back to Basics for marking. All assessments are marked with detailed comments and recommendations to enhance your business and site operations.

For further information regarding this program please call 1300 855 713 or leave a message on our contact page.