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Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety Enhances Your Building Career

October 16, 2017 0 Comments

Whether you are looking to get started in the building and construction industry, or are currently working in the industry and are looking to improve your career prospects, then a new qualification can be an effective way to enhance your value. If you are still contemplating which certification to add to your list of qualifications, why not take a serious look at a Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety?

Safety Inspector on Construction Site

Open up your Career Choices with a Cert IV in Work Health and Safety Qualification

This qualification opens you up to a number of leading roles in the building and construction industry. It is also a qualification that is applicable to a wide range of sectors, so it will still be of value should you ever decide to leave the construction industry.

There are a number of ways of completing the qualification including online and in person delivery methods, depending on the student and the institute delivering the course. For more information on this program, please visit:

BSB41415 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

The BSB41415 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety relevant to the building industry opens up a variety of positions including:

Safety Inspector

Many of the larger building companies have a dedicated safety department that works on creating safe processes and procedures for their company. These Safety Inspectors then audit worksites to ensure the processes that they have written are being carried out as they intended. This department is separate to the operational areas of the business so they are able to take an objective view of the building processes and make sure that employees, contractors and clients are being kept safe on the job. There are also a range of safety roles available in the government departments in each state, which are responsible for workplace safety and specialise in building and construction companies.

Union or Safety Representative

For experienced tradespeople who have been on the job for many years, another source of career progression is through taking on a union representative or safety representative role. These roles look at the way that jobs should be done, as well as the way that they are actually being done, to get an understanding of how safe the company’s worksites are from the employees’ perspective. Having a qualification such as the Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety provides a sturdy underlying theoretical framework which can help people to accurately analyse real life work situations effectively.

Building Management

A growing part of the role of building supervisors and building management is ensuring the safety of employees, contractors and clients when they are on site. Doing a formal qualification such as the Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety helps to show that you understand the frameworks of modern safety systems. It also demonstrates that you believe safety is a fundamental part of your job. This specialist qualification might be just what you need to set you apart from another job seeker looking for that promotion to the next level of management.

The other obvious advantage of the studies involved with this certification is a heightened awareness to safety issues. You’ll begin to see your environment in a different way. You’ll find yourself noting potential hazards as you move through a worksite. You’ll observe risks in the methods people use when performing their jobs – quite possibly risks you’ve never really noticed before. You will also have systems for improving safety conditions for yourself and your workmates… and helping to support every worker’s right to a safe workplace.

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