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CPD Points Programs

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points Program for Builders and Pool Builders

Compile Your CPD Points Working From Home

CPD is mandatory most states in order to keep your builders licence. Back to Basics can help you with your compliance building licence requirements. Simply phone 1300 855 713.

Each program:

  • satisfies the requirements for the CPD point system – each program attracts 12 CPD Points
  • is conducted by a Nationally Registered Training Provider (4346)
  • has Assessment Tasks
  • Awards certificates upon completion of the Assessment Tasks

1. Winning the Work

CPCCBC4004A – Identify and produce estimated costs for building and construction projects.

These days competition is what it is all about. Wasted time and money on unsuccessful tenders must be reduced. Most builders and contractors believe that their estimating is orderly and accurate, when in fact they could be missing out on substantial work and profit. A course for the builder, head contractor, sub contractor building homes, renovations and additions and small building works.

The course will guide and assist participants in developing essential procedures and a systematic approach to quoting and ‘Wining the Work’.

Designed for: Owner/Managers, Administrators, Sole Trader, Partnerships, Small Company Structures

2. Understanding Contracts

CPCCBC4003A – Select and prepare a construction contract

This course will walk through the fundamentals of your building agreements in a step by step fashion. The aim is to increase your knowledge of your obligations under each contract, thereby improving your performance and potentially your returns.

Designed for: Managers, Supervisors, Contract Administrators, Supervisors

3. Evaluating Financial Statements

BSBSMB406A – Manage finances

A course that finally takes the mystery out of a Profit & Loss Statement!

This course is designed to give a basic understanding of the Profit & Loss Statement and the Balance Sheet minus the accounting jargon that often confuses the issue. You will have the ability to evaluate the financial position of your business.

Designed for: Owners, Managers, Partners, Administrators, or the person responsible for compiling the accounts for the firm. All structures – Small Trade, Partnerships and Companies

4. Safety Issues

CPCCBC4002A – Manage OHS in the building and construction industry

A course designed to inform you of the latest compliances surrounding safety on a construction site. Topics cover Legal Considerations, Where to get help, Consultation, Site Considerations, Documentation and Records.

Designed for: Owners/Managers, Partners, Small Company Structures, Supervisors, Contract Administrators

Customised Training Course to Suit the Building and Construction Industry

A minimum of 12 CPD points apply to all programs with the completion of assessment. All programs have an accredited outcome.

Back to Basics will be adding additional programs in the near future.

Fees include – Registered Training Course, Student Support, Program Materials, Assessment Tasks and Certificates.

For all pricing, registration and additional content information please call 1300 855 713 or leave a message on the contact page.