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Here’s what you should do to obtain your Builders Licence in Australia

October 2, 2017 0 Comments

Whether you are an Australian Citizen or an overseas applicant, an Australian Builder Licence is needed to legally work as a builder or tradesperson.

There is certain criteria needed to obtain a Builders Licence, including training and certification. Here is a guide on how to get your Builders Licence in 2018.

How to get your Builders Licence as an Australian Citizen

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To get your Builders Licence, you must either be registered or complete the relevant training or experience needed to gain a Builders Licence. Some states also require you to attend on-going training sessions to maintain your Builders Licence.

The regulations and training practices vary between states.

New South Wales

To successfully obtain a Builders Licence in New South Wales, the applicant must be able to show evidence of 2 years of work experience in building and construction within the last 10 years.

The experience must be written on the application forms and accompanied by numerous ‘Applicant’s Residential Building Experience’ forms that span the two years of experience.

Applicants may also apply if they have a Certificate IV in Building and Construction or a degree in a building or construction field.


Working as a builder in Queensland requires a licence class suitable for the type of work you wish to partake in. A full list of the licence classes can be viewed here:
QBCC Licence Classes

All Queensland applicants must fill out a Builders Licence Application Form and provide details of 2-4 years of work experience, documents showing technical qualifications, three written references, financial information and proof of identity.


Builders working in Victoria must be registered with the Victorian Building Authority.

To be registered as a domestic builder, applicants must have the relevant qualification and experience requirements specific to the component of domestic building work they wish to gain registration for.

Applicants must fill out a registration form, undergo a police check and submit statements and technical referee reports.

South Australia

In South Australia, any individual or business that carries out building work for others or a property they are selling must be licenced.

To be granted a licence applicants must have completed certain business criteria, which can be viewed here:
Consumer and Business Services – Business Criteria

Western Australia

Western Australia offers two types of registration for builders: Practitioner registration and contractor registration. The process is regulated by the Western Australian Building Commission.

Both registrations require evidence of experience or a Diploma of Building and Construction.

Northern Territory

Builders who wish to work in the Northern Territory must be registered with the Building Practitioners Board as a Building Contractor.

The information needed to apply can be found on the NT Building Advisory Services.


If you are looking at becoming a builder in various states, it may be worth taking a nationally accredited training course. A Certificate IV in Building and Construction will help you successfully obtain your license in the Northern Territory, NSW, South Australia, Queensland, ACT and Tasmania.

Back to Basics offers the CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)contact us to find out more.

Those who wish to work in Victoria or Western Australia should obtain a Diploma of Building and Construction (Building). Back to Basics also offer these courses:

CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building)

CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) specific to WA

Working Interstate

Those who hold a current builders licence and wish to obtain one for a different state should use the Australian Government’s Licence Recognition Tool to see if they are eligible.

How to get your Builders Licence as an Overseas Applicant

Overseas applicants who wish to obtain a Builders Licence in Australia should complete an Offshore Technical Skills Record, which is a skills assessment through an approved Registered Training Organisation. Contact Back to Basics for more information on this.

Once an Offshore Technical Skills Record is obtained, applicants are eligible to apply for a provisional licence. They must also undertake Australian Context Gap Training and a period of supervised employment for up to twelve months.

Finally, they can obtain an Australian VET Qualification, which, in-turn, can be used to apply for the relevant license of the state they wish to work in.

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